Jason (fragl) wrote,

starting all over again

"it's gonna be rough, so rough...but we're gonna make it"

I was thinking of the Hall and Oates version of that, in case you wanted to know.
Anyways, I'm making my journal friends only. There will be a number of old entries that'll be accessible. Okay all the ones prior to todays. heh heh.
It's too much trouble to make the old ones, that aren't already, friends only.
If this is your first time reading HOLD ON a second. Do you really want to read this? No, you don't. Listen, this is for your own good. Just don't read any further. It's not worth it. Really, it's not. Trust me. I'm just talking to my friends here, they care...you won't. And you might not like the fact that I talk to my friends like Rob, for instance, one way and talk to other friends another way. So do you really wanna go through that? No...you don't. So just go do what you normally do online. Don't even bother here...nothing to see here. No more reading for you.
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