Jason (fragl) wrote,

yet another great weekend

Went to Rock Hill to MC and DJ my close friends Chris(freshman year roomie) and Edith's wedding reception.
They've been together FOREVER.
I was there when they met. Man...MAN! Farmer's MARRIED! It hits me in small doses. I'm really gonna get hit in a week.
I also got to hang out with Jim ldiezman a lot this weekend. I stayed at his place and he was at the wedding. We all had a good time hanging out. It was great being with my close friends again.
On Friday I hung out with my friend Lauren for a bit before I had somethings to do. Then I went to the rehearsal Dinner.
Saturday after the wedding was over I hung out with Jim and the "hot pockets" Lauren and Darby. They're so tiny and cute...they're Hot Pockets!
It was great hanging out with them all. What a fun weekend. Bummer that I have to go back to work where I don't feel like I can be myself. It's such a drag on my energy.
When I was heading home last night I realized that I was so much happier when I'm with them. So many people were at the wedding and just hanging with Jim and his roomies and Vanilla Sky and whatever Prince Protege' nickname we're gonna give Lauren. Great times.
I'm now in withdrawal.
I miss them. It's such a bummer. They're all really cool and they are making my life so much better right now they can't even understand.
I'm going to see The Eagles in March...FINALLY. This time it's in Greenville so no wrecks for me. And this time...it's floor level seating!!
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