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I hate racism. Any form of it. I'm so sick of whites being racist to whoever and I'm so sick of blacks being racist back to whites and being shitty to other blacks!! It's all bullcrap. What grates me just as much are the blacks that make it seem like the racism towards the whites is justified because of the racism blacks got from whites in the 60's.
Listen, I know it was wrong. WE ALL KNOW IT WAS WRONG. But how is reverse racism a valid argument for what racism against blacks was wrong???
I am on this tangent because I just saw Donahue. Donny's fine, he's a straight shooter. He's fair, yada yada...but the panel he had on today. MY GOSH they're so lame.

Some dude from Bamboozled that nobody knows
Pat Buchanan...WHA? Why? He's so annoying white racists hate him.
Mike Gallagher. Don't even get me started on that radical.
and AL SHARPTON??? WHAT?Let me explain something to you...if blacks made a list of activists that we DON'T want to speak for us...he'd be number ONE.

None of these people are goods spokesman for whoever the hell they were supposed to be speaking for!

All they did was point blame. I'm so pissed I can't put any witty words together to explain my severe hatred towards what they accomplished. which, in my eyes, was only to prolong racism in this country. It's dispicible. This grease shit is so whack.
Lott made a bad joke. He was just trying to be funny. Unfortunately, he's not funny so he ended up making a joke that didn't get laughs. He wasn't saying there shouldn't have been desegregation. But since everyone involved wants to politicize this, he's a racist until the next elections are over. Please. the man just needs a good joke writer.
Is there reverse racism? Yes. Is it what people are saying it is? Not exactly. Should it continue. No. I only say this because I haven't seen the problems they say exist. Apparently, there are white guys getting turned down for jobs and black guys who weren't as qualified got the job. I haven't witnessed this. If it exists then it should be stopped. The qualified person should get the job. Period. But the problem is, idiots like Mike Gallagher would say that there was a white guy that got turned down for my job who was more qualified than me and that's wrong. Let me tell you something, anybody could do my job. You can't get more qualified than I am. Secondly, I'M THE ONLY BLACK GUY DOING MY JOB AT MY STATION. And if you ask any of the people I work with I'm much better at it than this white kid that's there. I got the job cause my boss liked me. It wasn't reverse discrimination.
But you know what? We're finally witnessing white people doing what black people have been doing since the early 90's. Throwing the racism card whenever they don't get a job. Hey fellas, I freagin' hated it when black guys did it. You can get a job...just stop going on talk shows griping about it.
It was interesting, during a break during Donahue there was an MSN commercial. They showed two guys hanging out, one white, one black. They got equal face time in the commercial. Then in the same commercial they showed a different white guy and a different black guy, both of these guys as well recieved equal face time.
If I had more money I would be willing to bet there was one white guy that got turned down for the part the black guy got and screamed racism. And that there was one black guy that got turned down for the part the white guy got and also screamed racism.
Racism exists because people like that keep screaming racism.
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