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All guys are assholes like all girls are psycho

Let me explain, because obviously that's a generalized statement. I hate it when people say "all members of the opposite sex are assholes/psychos." Just cause I've met a few bleeoches doesn't mean I go and call all girls psychos...I strictly call those 6 girls psycho. And 2 of them I think are literally psycho, while 2 others are on the verge of being psycho. The remaining 2 girls were silly and over-dramatic. So people just lump em all together and say all 6 are psycho.
But even if it was 50 girls I can't say all girls are psycho.
And I really won't say all girls are psycho just because one dicked me over and acted like a bleeoch. Especially after I talked about how great she was. She was great, now she's a psycho. SHE'S a psycho. Not the female race.

It's like this people, all girls are psycho on some level. A level of 1-10. If you're a one you're not really a pyscho. You might've once or twice acted stupid about something, but that's it. YOu're not a psycho per se'.
It's the same with guys. Levels from 1-10. Most of my guy friends are 1's. They may have handled a situation or two poorly, but they're still great guys that don't mean any harm. They just made mistakes as we all do. But does one mistake make someone entire personality?

In conclusion, I say we all adopt this way of thinking. That way no one will get upset when someone says "all guys are jerks." Cause if they do the girl can simply say "Oh, not you...you're just a one. Like me."
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