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Man it's been forever.

Okay, I know I haven't posted or responded to anything in forever guys. Sorry. But here are some responses to your posts:

aizura-That sounds cool what you wanna do in your room. I did that last year in my dorm room. It's nice. I just can't get over that it's gonna be summertime there while you're celebrating Christmas. hehe

kissmelucky-Don't worry, you'll have a good week. I just had to work Thursday, Friday(like the whole day) and Saturday. I'm glad it's over. Time goes by too fast these days for some reason. I'm not to thrilled about that.

cheleross or s0ccerchick-Yeah thanks for putting me on your new journal's friends list. hehe ;0)

skeletone-Well, you're very right man. You gotta keep moving forward. I mean, don't overlook today. But don't dwell on old stuff either, ya know. It looks like you have the right outlook.

maryannk-I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving, but you naughty girl you. Finding new lovin nooks. lol. I say there should be a lovers point in every town in the U.S. Well, I think so. lol. I don't know of any in my town. Matt, didn't you know of some you went to back in the day?

princesse02)-I hope you had a good night cutie. Take it easy.

ibdwierd1-Hey, why are ya stressed? HOpefully Matt can give ya a stress reliever? heh heh heh

alligatorgirl-Coldplay is a good group that deserves more credit. At least more credit than the White Stripes. I'm off my soap box. But I didn't watch the U2 thing Friday night, was it good? I figured since they have that DVD coming out and all. But the more Beatle's stuff I see the more I wish George and John weren't gone.

kjaynie- ? Hail to the leader?

me8383-Well, there's not much I can tell you cause I haven't ever been in that sort of situation. I'd make a self-depricating joke here about why that's so, but I'm dry right now. Anyways, it sounds like you're handling it well. I wonder if I could handle that as well. Ugh, enough about love lives. How are you? ;0)

neomora-Were you saying you were a good-ass kisser or a good ass-kisser? I guess only your boyfriends knows the first one, unfortunately for me =0(
What else is goin on?

hockygirl-Even though you don't talk to me anymore, hehe, I figured I'd sell my body out to you again.

Well that was a lot of reading for me to do. If I didn't get back to before Thanksgiving when you wrote(like matt's ass, lol)...I'm sorry. We'll talk later I'm sure. Peace
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the slane show on friday was amazing -- well, what they showed really since there were so many commercials...but, yeah.. and it is supposed to come out on dvd (crosses fingers, toes and nose), so then you will definitely get to see it -- it's a musical journey, really (<-- ok, bad refeence to rattle & hum, but still ;)
Yeah I haven't written in a while, been too busy!
but, yeah, I found a few places for some nice nightly lovin, if ya know what I mean. I'll have to tell you about em. haha
and no, i'm not talking about the picture of it, i'm talking about YOU!! just because you're never ONLINE doesn't mean i don't talk to you anymore, so there! :-P to be honest i haven't been around because i've been addicted to watching trading spaces on the new big screen in my living room. all hail the 60 inch TV.... (xbox games look pretty damn good on it too)
hehehe...unfortunately, im neither a good ass-kisser nor a good-ass kisser :). maybe you could find out one of the two if youre nice :). i hope you had a great thanksgiving hon!
Yeah it is pretty weird looking outside at Xmas and seeing the sunshine, then looking in at all the snow decorations and stuff. But it's cool cuz we can have BBQ's, go to the beach or have pool parties as celebration.

I'm still dreaming of a White Christmas though. That would be awesome.