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Oh man

I gotta tell you guys cause most of you will appreciate this. But I went out with this girl tonight and we went Christmas shopping yesterday. She's a really cool girl. She's real pretty, has the hot-ness...lol. But she's intellectual. Which is the major thing cause that means I can talk to her!
And what's even crazier is that she talks about music and movies the way I do! I mean, it's nuts. She gets all technical about music the way I think about music. It's awesome.
And she's 22, sweet, easy to talk to!
So, we went to dinner and had a good time. She said she loved talking to me too. Which is good.
We planned on hanging out again and I asked if we could make it an official date. She said yes. So it's a date...a date-date. Which is also good.
I want to take it nice and easy. But this is starting off well. So I'll have to come up with a cute name to use on here when I talk about her. I'll have to get back to ya on that.
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