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Chris Rock is the MAN!

I'm excited to see what Rock's gonna do on the Oscars tonight. You know some SNL people will be there cause whenever he does something he calls up Sandler and Spade. This is going to be awesome!
Speaking of...Matt Drudge is dillusional.
In case you don't know, Drudge has been going on about how Chris Rock is going to tarnish the Academy's classy image with his kind of humor. He went on Hannity and Colmes presenting parts of Rock's stand-up, out of context, as if it was Rock's opinion.
Am I the only one that realizes comics look for the joke regardless of their opinion? Chris Rock is a prime example of this. Rock, like many comics, will have jokes for either side of an issue and then goes with what's funniest. Does Drudge not know very much or does he have some sort of agenda?

So here's

Why all the fuss about Chris Rock hosting the Academy Awards? Did it not tarnish the image of the Academy to have a guy that used to perform with an arrow through his head host TWICE? Or maybe it tarnished the image of the Academy to have Shandling, who does some colorful material himself, host once as well. Perhaps Letterman? Edgy, quirky and very NON-Hollywood. But you didn't say anything about them did you?
It's very questionable that you're making this fuss about Rock when just a few years ago a song from the South Park movie(a movie based on a show that said "shit" on national television 162 times) was to be performed. Granted the episode I brought up came after that Oscar ceremony but the show had already established itself as a foul-mouthed show.
More to the point though, the song, with lines like "now when he sees me he tells me to go fuck myself," was to be performed...LIVE...on national television with children by Robin Williams. Someone with JUST as colorful an act as Rock's, and I didn't hear anyone, including you, say it tarnished the image of the Academy or that they "went to the gutter" by putting it on.
The little bit that was said was just about how they were going to get around the foul language in the song. No one raised a big stink about it. No one went on "talking head" programs as part of some relentless campaign that was so unyielding that it just comes off as petty and over the top.
Speaking of Robin Williams, you have a story posted about how ABC forced him to cut a bit he was going to do because it was crossing some sort of line. Ok, you have the story posted. That's all? You're not going on some tirade about Robin Williams? You're not ranting and raving about how a colorful comic like Williams was going to be included in this year's program? You're just gonna keep talking about Chris Rock?
Chris Rock who did a live TV show for 3 years and never once uttered colorful language. Chris Rock who has already hosted a live award show TWICE and never let anything slip. Or maybe the fact that he didn't say anything out of line when he presented at the Grammy Awards and a previous Oscar ceremony is some sort of indication that he won't be colorful here. Perhaps the countless other programs he's appeared on and never cursed. I'm sure some of those programs were live, Regis and Kelly...the Today Show.
So why all the talk about Chris Rock? Seems to be no real reason to go on like you have about Chris Rock, yet, you still are.
Will you admit you are wrong? Probably not, but my guess is, one way or another, you'll be eating some crow for breakfast tomorrow morning and it'll be just one more chunk off of your already lackluster credibility.

Jason Farr

Drudge is a hack. He botches stories and posts stories that have little to no truth to them. Which is why he'll either not have a source for something or the story just goes to some newspaper site in some small town. And they'll be the ONLY ones reporting the story that way. Everyone else will have more reliable info siting the direct people involved and not just some guy.
You can't trust Matt Drudge as far as you can throw you're computer.
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