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So I went up to Raleigh today. It was fun, weird being back "home" again. That was the town I grew up in as a little little kid. Lived there until I was ten. Last time I was there was 4 years ago probably.
Had a weird feeling as soon as we got there...like I immediately wanted to leave.
But I was fine.
It was fun seeing people and eating. And I didn't have to drive so I was happy. haha.
On the way back we were listening to an R&B station. They still do that whole "This is the quiet storm" type crap where the DJ does that sensual deep voice. Totally retahded...YOU AHRE. Oh Sully and Denise. Anyways, the DJ, who was Al B. Sure of all people, was talking to a caller in that stupid voice and you know what he was talking about?
THANKS-FRIGGIN-GIVING DINNER. How do you do that voice, trying to be all sensual while talking about THAT?
This is literally how it went....

Deep voice - "So, how was your day?"
Caller - "Very festive, very festive."
Deep voice - "Oh? What did you eat?"
Caller - "We had some turkey and stuffing..."
Deep voice - "Did you have cranberry sauce."(no lie-he really said this crap in that cheesy voice)
Caller - "Yeah."
Deep voice - "Yeah, so you gonna have some leftovers."
Caller - "Yeah, haha."
Deep voice - "That's good, that's good. Well it was nice talking to you."
Caller - "Yeah, thanks."
Deep voice - "Bye bye."

What the F? Cranberry sauce? How the hell do you have a conversation during the quiet storm with THAT VOICE while talking about friggin leftovers and what she ate?
Cheesy...and so perfect for a sketch I will one day do on SNL.
Okay people, time to go back to Letterman, Natalie Portman is on. hehe
Have a good one!
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