Jason (fragl) wrote,


Oh the good ol' days.
Well it was fun hanging with my brother tonight. My dad is starting arguments as usual. I actually said that tonight cause it was just stupid, he was going on and on about stuff nobody said just trying to cause something. Oh well. Only this week and it won't be until Christmas I have to deal with that crap again.
I watched U2 tonight on SNL...they were awesome of course. Great show. They actually got to do 3 songs which I don't think anyone has ever been able to do on SNL before.
It was hilarious though, Bono said at the beginning of their first song and the end of their last "LIVE, LIVE, LIVE, LIVE"
I assume that was a reference to the whole lipsynching incident.
Yep, U2 and Prince...the best LIVE, LIVE, LIVE, LIVE artists around!!
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