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*happy dance*

I have a good feeling about January. At least two good things I know of can happen. One is great and the other would just be super fun. I'm excited already! I'm really happy right now. I have great friends whether they're online or not. *hugs them all*
Here's a silly poll for all the ladies.

Poll #385956 What's Your Style?

Which one of these outfits best suits your style?

the party girl
wants to go to the art gallery
would go to a fancy place but would love to go to a pub and just walk around town
wants to have a snowball fight and play videogames

None of the above? Give your own example.

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You couldn't find any thicker women to post? :-(

JK, it's not the women you're supposed to be voting on crackhead, the type of outfits.
I'm just wondering what kind of person everyone is.
(to ms arbez)
answer the poll crackhead, hehe
can i vote twice? :P
Sure I guess...I was just wondering about people's "styles" so if two things are your style then go for it.
poo id never wear any of that...

i tried to stay within the business casual or whatever theme youve got going:
Cool, that is very you. I couldn't find any other choices to post. So we were stuck with those.
I was going to say the first, but the watch and shoes are just ick. The belt is a turnoff on the second one. Excepting the shoes, everything is wrong with the third, and I can't pick the last because I don't do hats. So I voted Nader and went with something I already own. ;-)
I assume this is your choice?
very nice
See, I don't know where to look. All of the outfits were from the same Express thing that was sent to me in th mail. For why? I don't know.
All of you know where to look. Anyways, very nice choice. I like that.
And I think I agree on your reasonings for not liking my choice. Those shoes were pretty bad. And what was with that big bulky watch in the first one?
I'm a cross between the top and bottom...I guess.