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it won't stop!

I for some reason have been a neverending well full of quotes today. I don't know where it's coming from.
All of these came to mind without having to force them at all...dunno what's come over me:

@don't just give someone a hug, give them some love

@run to someone you love.
just run to them.
make it like that scene in a movie where everyone's cheering.
It'll make someone's day when they ask you, "Why were you running to fine me" and you say "because I love you."
I think that'd be pretty money.

@make an effort to make someone's life better today.
if we all do that then there will be overlaps and we'll all be taken care of.

(my personal favorite)@ People always say don't sweat the small stuff...the thing is you shouldn't sweat the big stuff either cause that's when you really need to be in control of things.

Maybe I should write a book?
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