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Chris Rock is the MAN! [27 Feb 2005|01:43pm]
[ mood | in need of a shower ]

I'm excited to see what Rock's gonna do on the Oscars tonight. You know some SNL people will be there cause whenever he does something he calls up Sandler and Spade. This is going to be awesome!
Speaking of...Matt Drudge is dillusional.
In case you don't know, Drudge has been going on about how Chris Rock is going to tarnish the Academy's classy image with his kind of humor. He went on Hannity and Colmes presenting parts of Rock's stand-up, out of context, as if it was Rock's opinion.
Am I the only one that realizes comics look for the joke regardless of their opinion? Chris Rock is a prime example of this. Rock, like many comics, will have jokes for either side of an issue and then goes with what's funniest. Does Drudge not know very much or does he have some sort of agenda?

So here's An Open Letter To Matt DrudgeCollapse )

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Thanksgiving [25 Nov 2004|11:29pm]
So I went up to Raleigh today. It was fun, weird being back "home" again. That was the town I grew up in as a little little kid. Lived there until I was ten. Last time I was there was 4 years ago probably.
Had a weird feeling as soon as we got there...like I immediately wanted to leave.
But I was fine.
It was fun seeing people and eating. And I didn't have to drive so I was happy. haha.
On the way back we were listening to an R&B station. They still do that whole "This is the quiet storm" type crap where the DJ does that sensual deep voice. Totally retahded...YOU AHRE. Oh Sully and Denise. Anyways, the DJ, who was Al B. Sure of all people, was talking to a caller in that stupid voice and you know what he was talking about?
THANKS-FRIGGIN-GIVING DINNER. How do you do that voice, trying to be all sensual while talking about THAT?
This is literally how it went....

Deep voice - "So, how was your day?"
Caller - "Very festive, very festive."
Deep voice - "Oh? What did you eat?"
Caller - "We had some turkey and stuffing..."
Deep voice - "Did you have cranberry sauce."(no lie-he really said this crap in that cheesy voice)
Caller - "Yeah."
Deep voice - "Yeah, so you gonna have some leftovers."
Caller - "Yeah, haha."
Deep voice - "That's good, that's good. Well it was nice talking to you."
Caller - "Yeah, thanks."
Deep voice - "Bye bye."

What the F? Cranberry sauce? How the hell do you have a conversation during the quiet storm with THAT VOICE while talking about friggin leftovers and what she ate?
Cheesy...and so perfect for a sketch I will one day do on SNL.
Okay people, time to go back to Letterman, Natalie Portman is on. hehe
Have a good one!
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SOMETIMES IN OUR LIVES [21 Nov 2004|02:43am]
Oh the good ol' days.
Well it was fun hanging with my brother tonight. My dad is starting arguments as usual. I actually said that tonight cause it was just stupid, he was going on and on about stuff nobody said just trying to cause something. Oh well. Only this week and it won't be until Christmas I have to deal with that crap again.
I watched U2 tonight on SNL...they were awesome of course. Great show. They actually got to do 3 songs which I don't think anyone has ever been able to do on SNL before.
It was hilarious though, Bono said at the beginning of their first song and the end of their last "LIVE, LIVE, LIVE, LIVE"
I assume that was a reference to the whole lipsynching incident.
Yep, U2 and Prince...the best LIVE, LIVE, LIVE, LIVE artists around!!
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Purple Rain, Purple Rain! [20 Nov 2004|05:32pm]
So I went to Rock Hill last night to see my mates. It was great...as always. This time Rob got to come along so it was even more fun.
Jim, Rob, Me and Larby(short for darby and lauren.) It was a blast...again, as always.
It was just last night at about 8:30 until this morning at around 10:30. And for 8 or so of those hours I was asleep. So really somewhere around 6 hours and it's made my whole week.
My brother is coming into town today with my dad.
It's always just a big laugh fest with me and my bro bro. I think it's funny to say bro bro.
Anyways, back to hooking up the Playstation in my room. I'd rather just play GTA in here since my dad will be hogging the den and I really don't want to play GTA with him in the room, lol.
Oh, and before I forget again, Jetta Girl made an appearance last week. *shakes fist*
How has it been two years that I've seen this random girl driving around in that black jetta and we've never met. Just random.
Take care everyone!
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I'm a little upset [18 Nov 2004|10:47am]
Not only do I realize that I've been out of college for TWO and a HALF YEARS but I also remembered my friend Ben basically asking if I wanted to move in with him cause in case I needed a place to live he had a vacancy in his house.
I was so pissed when I remembered that. He may not. But if I had made the decision to live there...you have no idea how much happier I'd be overall right now.
I'd have been up in Rock Hill these past 2 and a half years with my friends.
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people remain the same [17 Nov 2004|12:30am]
[ mood | happy ]

It hits me a little more each day how awesome of a time I had this weekend.
I think it was really meaningful in a lot of ways. I've been so lonely as far as friends and people I connect with being around. I talk to people I connect with online a lot and that's wonderful. I just hadn't really been able to hang out with Jim or anyone in awhile.
I realized earlier though that I really had a wonderful time. It's really nice.
Darby and Lauren are awesome to hang out with. I love em. They're so sweet and funny.
It was great getting to spend so much time with Jim too.
I really hope things work out so that I can go with them to Tennessee...but man, it'll be hard being even further away from everyone else. Especially with how cool it's been getting to be friends with Darby and Lauren.
Life can be really really tough.
But if we focus on the good things then it's really really awesome and touching. Corny I know, but I really had a great time.
I'm the happiest I've been in months.
Now if I could only stop worrying about what others thought of me.
You know it's not really that important if someone shares your feelings. You feel that way, you feel that way. That's all that matters. The rest is icing on the cake.
What's so great about feelings is that they're given to you really. You have no control over them. That's why they're so important, you didn't have to get them you just got lucky.

"and now we all know
the words were true
in the sappiest songs
yes, yes"

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*happy dance* [16 Nov 2004|08:35pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I have a good feeling about January. At least two good things I know of can happen. One is great and the other would just be super fun. I'm excited already! I'm really happy right now. I have great friends whether they're online or not. *hugs them all*
Here's a silly poll for all the ladies.
Read more...Collapse )

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yet another great weekend [14 Nov 2004|09:57pm]
Went to Rock Hill to MC and DJ my close friends Chris(freshman year roomie) and Edith's wedding reception.
They've been together FOREVER.
I was there when they met. Man...MAN! Farmer's MARRIED! It hits me in small doses. I'm really gonna get hit in a week.
I also got to hang out with Jim ldiezman a lot this weekend. I stayed at his place and he was at the wedding. We all had a good time hanging out. It was great being with my close friends again.
On Friday I hung out with my friend Lauren for a bit before I had somethings to do. Then I went to the rehearsal Dinner.
Saturday after the wedding was over I hung out with Jim and the "hot pockets" Lauren and Darby. They're so tiny and cute...they're Hot Pockets!
It was great hanging out with them all. What a fun weekend. Bummer that I have to go back to work where I don't feel like I can be myself. It's such a drag on my energy.
When I was heading home last night I realized that I was so much happier when I'm with them. So many people were at the wedding and just hanging with Jim and his roomies and Vanilla Sky and whatever Prince Protege' nickname we're gonna give Lauren. Great times.
I'm now in withdrawal.
I miss them. It's such a bummer. They're all really cool and they are making my life so much better right now they can't even understand.
I'm going to see The Eagles in March...FINALLY. This time it's in Greenville so no wrecks for me. And this time...it's floor level seating!!
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it won't stop! [21 Sep 2004|10:46pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I for some reason have been a neverending well full of quotes today. I don't know where it's coming from.
All of these came to mind without having to force them at all...dunno what's come over me:

@don't just give someone a hug, give them some love

@run to someone you love.
just run to them.
make it like that scene in a movie where everyone's cheering.
It'll make someone's day when they ask you, "Why were you running to fine me" and you say "because I love you."
I think that'd be pretty money.

@make an effort to make someone's life better today.
if we all do that then there will be overlaps and we'll all be taken care of.

(my personal favorite)@ People always say don't sweat the small stuff...the thing is you shouldn't sweat the big stuff either cause that's when you really need to be in control of things.

Maybe I should write a book?

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Debbie Downer is hilarious! [19 Sep 2004|01:00am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Just a regular ol weekend for me.
I was looking to have some fun but I guess I'll do that next week. Tuesday's an off day for me which is cool cause I won't have to go into Greenville for work. Yippee. No 40 minute drive! But I am gonna have to get up REALLY early and be at work from 7-9. But then it's the rest of the day to good off.
I'm taking Friday off because I'm thinking on going up to see Jim and Rob's band play.
Where they are playing I don't know but fun will be had.

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starting all over again [17 Dec 2002|05:38pm]
"it's gonna be rough, so rough...but we're gonna make it"

I was thinking of the Hall and Oates version of that, in case you wanted to know.
Anyways, I'm making my journal friends only. There will be a number of old entries that'll be accessible. Okay all the ones prior to todays. heh heh.
It's too much trouble to make the old ones, that aren't already, friends only.
If this is your first time reading HOLD ON a second. Do you really want to read this? No, you don't. Listen, this is for your own good. Just don't read any further. It's not worth it. Really, it's not. Trust me. I'm just talking to my friends here, they care...you won't. And you might not like the fact that I talk to my friends like Rob, for instance, one way and talk to other friends another way. So do you really wanna go through that? No...you don't. So just go do what you normally do online. Don't even bother here...nothing to see here. No more reading for you.
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it's as offensive as I can get [14 Dec 2002|09:25pm]
So they say that women that perform oral sex are highly likely to get mouth cancer. Hmmm, I haven't heard about a staggering number of women with mouth cancer. Sounds like this "study" might be a little off, but if it's true a lot of people I know are gonna have cancer of the hand.
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livin' on the edge [13 Dec 2002|05:15pm]
Moby got attacked today. What the heck? So his music is wholey mediocre and he doesn't like Eminem, why go and beat him up? I think that's so wrong. To attack someone, that's just wrong and messed up. If I was in Moby's shoes I would've kicked those guys' asses cause what they were doing was WRONG.

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I'm so damn cold [12 Dec 2002|10:50pm]
[ mood | silly ]

ah well...

I saw Solaris today. I was happy cause I got the movie and understood why they made the choices they did. I was like, "Hey, I DO know something." lol. I really liked it. Clooney gave one of the best performances I've seen so far this year. It's easily his best cause he was showing a vulnerable side that people didn't know or think he could show. Really good work.
Let's see, work was cool. I mean, boring cause I didn't have anyone to talk to until I went into the station that's next door and started trippin'.
Shaved ice girl is being a phony baloney. She's been suckin big time for a couple weeks now. Just being rude, the usual. Who cares right?
I'm working tomorrow and saturday. I wanna do something. Like lose weight, get in good shape...go out with a girl. I wish I was a little bit taller ya'll. I wish I was a baller.
Scrubs is one of my new favorite shows. I love that show. It's awesome. I rather enjoyed it tonight. I like it when a show makes me think, "You know, that's a good idea! I'm gonna do that!" So now I'm gonna try to fill a void by acting out all my desires. Jokes. But I have been feeling weird lately. Like I feel unfulfilled, but yet I feel full. It's hard to explain. I have great friends and great family. A job with nice, understanding people. Can't ask for more. I guess I miss my friends. That's the void I think is missing cause whenever I think about something I want to do the "something" is typically something I'd do with friends. Or something I'd have if my friends were here. Man, they all need to drop out or graduate then move here. heh heh heh.

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UGH!!! [12 Dec 2002|12:16am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I hate racism. Any form of it. I'm so sick of whites being racist to whoever and I'm so sick of blacks being racist back to whites and being shitty to other blacks!! It's all bullcrap. What grates me just as much are the blacks that make it seem like the racism towards the whites is justified because of the racism blacks got from whites in the 60's.
Listen, I know it was wrong. WE ALL KNOW IT WAS WRONG. But how is reverse racism a valid argument for what racism against blacks was wrong???
I am on this tangent because I just saw Donahue. Donny's fine, he's a straight shooter. He's fair, yada yada...but the panel he had on today. MY GOSH they're so lame.

Some dude from Bamboozled that nobody knows
Pat Buchanan...WHA? Why? He's so annoying white racists hate him.
Mike Gallagher. Don't even get me started on that radical.
and AL SHARPTON??? WHAT?Let me explain something to you...if blacks made a list of activists that we DON'T want to speak for us...he'd be number ONE.

None of these people are goods spokesman for whoever the hell they were supposed to be speaking for!

All they did was point blame. I'm so pissed I can't put any witty words together to explain my severe hatred towards what they accomplished. which, in my eyes, was only to prolong racism in this country. It's dispicible. This grease shit is so whack.
Lott made a bad joke. He was just trying to be funny. Unfortunately, he's not funny so he ended up making a joke that didn't get laughs. He wasn't saying there shouldn't have been desegregation. But since everyone involved wants to politicize this, he's a racist until the next elections are over. Please. the man just needs a good joke writer.
Is there reverse racism? Yes. Is it what people are saying it is? Not exactly. Should it continue. No. I only say this because I haven't seen the problems they say exist. Apparently, there are white guys getting turned down for jobs and black guys who weren't as qualified got the job. I haven't witnessed this. If it exists then it should be stopped. The qualified person should get the job. Period. But the problem is, idiots like Mike Gallagher would say that there was a white guy that got turned down for my job who was more qualified than me and that's wrong. Let me tell you something, anybody could do my job. You can't get more qualified than I am. Secondly, I'M THE ONLY BLACK GUY DOING MY JOB AT MY STATION. And if you ask any of the people I work with I'm much better at it than this white kid that's there. I got the job cause my boss liked me. It wasn't reverse discrimination.
But you know what? We're finally witnessing white people doing what black people have been doing since the early 90's. Throwing the racism card whenever they don't get a job. Hey fellas, I freagin' hated it when black guys did it. You can get a job...just stop going on talk shows griping about it.
It was interesting, during a break during Donahue there was an MSN commercial. They showed two guys hanging out, one white, one black. They got equal face time in the commercial. Then in the same commercial they showed a different white guy and a different black guy, both of these guys as well recieved equal face time.
If I had more money I would be willing to bet there was one white guy that got turned down for the part the black guy got and screamed racism. And that there was one black guy that got turned down for the part the white guy got and also screamed racism.
Racism exists because people like that keep screaming racism.

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All guys are assholes like all girls are psycho [03 Dec 2002|07:43pm]
[ mood | sarcastic ]

Let me explain, because obviously that's a generalized statement. I hate it when people say "all members of the opposite sex are assholes/psychos." Just cause I've met a few bleeoches doesn't mean I go and call all girls psychos...I strictly call those 6 girls psycho. And 2 of them I think are literally psycho, while 2 others are on the verge of being psycho. The remaining 2 girls were silly and over-dramatic. So people just lump em all together and say all 6 are psycho.
But even if it was 50 girls I can't say all girls are psycho.
And I really won't say all girls are psycho just because one dicked me over and acted like a bleeoch. Especially after I talked about how great she was. She was great, now she's a psycho. SHE'S a psycho. Not the female race.

It's like this people, all girls are psycho on some level. A level of 1-10. If you're a one you're not really a pyscho. You might've once or twice acted stupid about something, but that's it. YOu're not a psycho per se'.
It's the same with guys. Levels from 1-10. Most of my guy friends are 1's. They may have handled a situation or two poorly, but they're still great guys that don't mean any harm. They just made mistakes as we all do. But does one mistake make someone entire personality?


In conclusion, I say we all adopt this way of thinking. That way no one will get upset when someone says "all guys are jerks." Cause if they do the girl can simply say "Oh, not you...you're just a one. Like me."
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Man it's been forever. [01 Dec 2002|11:03am]
[ mood | content ]

Okay, I know I haven't posted or responded to anything in forever guys. Sorry. But here are some responses to your posts:

aizura-That sounds cool what you wanna do in your room. I did that last year in my dorm room. It's nice. I just can't get over that it's gonna be summertime there while you're celebrating Christmas. hehe

kissmelucky-Don't worry, you'll have a good week. I just had to work Thursday, Friday(like the whole day) and Saturday. I'm glad it's over. Time goes by too fast these days for some reason. I'm not to thrilled about that.

cheleross or s0ccerchick-Yeah thanks for putting me on your new journal's friends list. hehe ;0)

skeletone-Well, you're very right man. You gotta keep moving forward. I mean, don't overlook today. But don't dwell on old stuff either, ya know. It looks like you have the right outlook.

maryannk-I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving, but you naughty girl you. Finding new lovin nooks. lol. I say there should be a lovers point in every town in the U.S. Well, I think so. lol. I don't know of any in my town. Matt, didn't you know of some you went to back in the day?

princesse02)-I hope you had a good night cutie. Take it easy.

ibdwierd1-Hey, why are ya stressed? HOpefully Matt can give ya a stress reliever? heh heh heh

alligatorgirl-Coldplay is a good group that deserves more credit. At least more credit than the White Stripes. I'm off my soap box. But I didn't watch the U2 thing Friday night, was it good? I figured since they have that DVD coming out and all. But the more Beatle's stuff I see the more I wish George and John weren't gone.

kjaynie- ? Hail to the leader?

me8383-Well, there's not much I can tell you cause I haven't ever been in that sort of situation. I'd make a self-depricating joke here about why that's so, but I'm dry right now. Anyways, it sounds like you're handling it well. I wonder if I could handle that as well. Ugh, enough about love lives. How are you? ;0)

neomora-Were you saying you were a good-ass kisser or a good ass-kisser? I guess only your boyfriends knows the first one, unfortunately for me =0(
What else is goin on?

hockygirl-Even though you don't talk to me anymore, hehe, I figured I'd sell my body out to you again.

Well that was a lot of reading for me to do. If I didn't get back to before Thanksgiving when you wrote(like matt's ass, lol)...I'm sorry. We'll talk later I'm sure. Peace

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man [26 Nov 2002|12:45am]
I just found out that my fraternity brother did commit suicide. What a shame. Supposedly he was deeply depressed. That's just a shame.
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Oh man [26 Nov 2002|12:39am]
[ mood | happy ]

I gotta tell you guys cause most of you will appreciate this. But I went out with this girl tonight and we went Christmas shopping yesterday. She's a really cool girl. She's real pretty, has the hot-ness...lol. But she's intellectual. Which is the major thing cause that means I can talk to her!
And what's even crazier is that she talks about music and movies the way I do! I mean, it's nuts. She gets all technical about music the way I think about music. It's awesome.
And she's 22, sweet, easy to talk to!
So, we went to dinner and had a good time. She said she loved talking to me too. Which is good.
We planned on hanging out again and I asked if we could make it an official date. She said yes. So it's a date...a date-date. Which is also good.
I want to take it nice and easy. But this is starting off well. So I'll have to come up with a cute name to use on here when I talk about her. I'll have to get back to ya on that.

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well [23 Nov 2002|08:56pm]
I had to work from 9-12 this morning. Was I supposed to come in? NO. Did someone else not come in so they had to call me? YES. But hey, it's money. Needed money.

I just have one more gift to get for Christmas...but I don't know what to get my dad. I know what to get me though...I bought the Jimmy Fallon CD today. AWESOME cd. Funny as crap. You get to see that he's good on SNL...but the impressions he does on this CD are amazing.
He's definitely one of the best impressionist to have ever been on the show. He does more than Eddie and is more dead on than Phil Hartman!!

Anyways, there's more stories...but they'll be told later
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